Flight communication systems must adhere to strict industry guidelines while still allowing for optimal ease of use. These systems must be able to withstand elevated temperatures, abrasion, and shock as well as chemical and solvent exposure.

Our understanding of coatings technology in the manufacture of optical fiber and fiber optic cables help us create lightweight, small-form factor cables utilizing our specialty fibers. We specialize in solutions for commercial and military aircrafts, as well as unmanned air and ground units.

Our Avionics products include:

  • FlightLinx®, FlightLinx PLUS, and FlightGuide® Cables
    • offered in 62.5-µm OM3 or bend-optimized single-mode versions
  • Avioptics® Fiber Optic Cable
    • built around our standard HCS® 200-µm Optical Fiber
    • used in aircraft radio systems for years
  • µlinx® (micro-links) avionics fiber optic cable
    • applications requiring a wide temperature range (-65 to 150 °C)
    • provides optimal strength, reliability, and abrasion resistance
    • small form factor
  • Custom Cable Designs (buffer and cable jacket material) and Optical Fiber with special coatings